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By: Juli Eklund

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Sunday, 1-Nov-2009 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
At War With The Squirrels

He's unhappy...I'm not!
The war with the squirrels is escalating. Yeah, they were an annoyance when they stole my birdseed. Made me angry when they cut my phone lines and my power. But when they start eating my truck, I bring out the big guns. They chewed the wiring harness to the tail lights so badly and so close to the body of the truck that my mechanic had to remove the bed of the truck to repair the wires.

One of the big guns is a Crosman 2240 single shot .22 CO2 pistol. I'm still practicing with it so that I don't have to waste more than one piece of lead bringing the damned rodents down. Much as I hate them I don't want a lingering death with suffering to answer for when I pass from this world to the next.

So we're trapping the little nut savers. Live trapping and relocating. Much as I would love to shoot the ba$tards, if I can catch them live and move them out of the neighborhood, I will.

The first day I set the trap (with some yummy-licous sunflower seeds) I caught THE ONE. I'm sure it was the one that was eating the truck because I placed the trap right at the bottom of the tree where I found pieces of wire. That's it, truck safe. Mr. black-beady-eyes and I took a ride to the river...and I let him go. I reset the trap but with all the noise he made while he was stuck there, no one braved the trap again and it sat empty but for the night I caught a baby oppossum.

Well, for every one squirrel you see there are ten you don't. And it wasn't long before gosh darn it, more wires were being chewed. So I put the trap out again...and caught another. Over the river and through the woods we went. Trap reset and dag-nabbit, we caught us 'nother one.

So far I've relocated four. This is number four. He is pissed.

Wednesday, 9-Sep-2009 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to Crash a Network

Network Crashing Cable Configuration
You don't even have to be tech-savvy to do it and I guarantee it can bring a network to a grinding halt in less time than it took to post this.

Saturday, 19-Jul-2008 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sort of a contest

I have a friend who's off doing something noble in a foreign land. Unfortunately some of the photos she's sending back of the trip beg for less-than-noble comments.

This is here for the rest of our friends to look at and hopefully (please) submit captions for the photo.

Begin now. I'd like to have it captioned and hanging in my work space for a short time before I...well, before I do whatever it is I'm going to do.

Friday, 13-Jun-2008 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Inquiring Minds Want to Know!!!!

Horseshoes anyone?
Reverse tornado
Cat with dog toy. Dog unconcerned.
JP asks:
Are you blogging somewhere else, or just lost your enthusiasm here?

Neither. The little part-time job that went full time has turned into overtime (not legal overtime, just more hours than I wanted or bargained for) due to rapid, sustained, phenomenal company growth.

I barely seem to have any time to do the solitary things I enjoy. That's not to say I'm not having the occasional good time, I am. But the outside-of-work activities all involve pairs or groups of people. This is a good thing. It's been a rough couple of years. Death and illness have been constant companions and those are things that go better when the burden is shared. Thank god for friends and family. We've managed to have fun too; it hasn't been all darkness and despair.

Hopefully work's juggernaut of growth will level off, I'll get someone else trained in the tasks only I can do and then I envision being able to eke out a little more me-time to go with the other good times.

About the pictures:

The horseshoe pit at City Park. Yes, we've had a bit of rain.

Yes, we had a real tornado but it breaks my heart to look at the destruction. This is from the day before all hell broke loose in MHK.

Elmo, the cat that thinks he's a dog. Dallas will believe he's a dog as soon as he can lift that toy in his mouth.

Hope you are all well. I miss you.

Friday, 14-Mar-2008 21:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Life on the Dry Erase Board

The big picture
View all 6 photos...
It hangs in the kitchen, this half note-pad half cork board creation. This is where the grocery reminders get listed; the good-bye you were sleeping notes get written; the travel check list gets posted; and, of course, the while you were gone this happened happenings are documented.

Someone in my house thinks the deer are cute and need dietary supplements or they will starve. I think the deer have been around longer than the people and are in no danger...of starvation. But Bambi just might get shot if he eats one more plant...

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