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By: Juli Eklund

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Wednesday, 20-Dec-2006 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yup, That's What Kansans Look Like Dancing...

Um, can you guess the dance?
Why aren't they dancing?
I don't believe anyone in these pictures will object, but if they do they know where to find me...

Sunday, 17-Dec-2006 19:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark

No solution in sight...
I've mentioned before that I can't do without my to-do list in Outlook. Here's a task that has had no satisfying ending for quite some time...

Friday, 1-Dec-2006 10:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
As the Monty Python troup states: I like SPAM...

I've had to monitor the SPAM coming to several mailboxes to make sure that the action we are about to take regarding mail filtering is not going to trash legitimate emails. The subject lines of these were just so intriguing that I had to share them with you...

Monday, 27-Nov-2006 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Just because I'm IT

Lonely? Don't go here for help!
...doesn't mean I know about all things electronic. Take GDO's. I don't know JS about GDO's. They either work or they don't. I can't take one that doesn't work and make it work. For that I have to call in the professionals who have some secret device on their service vehicle that makes any non-functioning GDO become a functioning GDO when they approach within say 25 feet.

So tonight I go to Bonnie's and plug in the GDO, unlatch the vacation latch, reconnect the chain to the door arm. Press remote. Door goes up, door goes down. Again. Door goes up, door goes down. Again. Door goes up, door goes down. You get the picture. I did nothing except plug the GD GDO back into the power receptacle and today it works. Repeatedly.

Bonnie mentioned that she would have a sight seeing day this week in which she would go to Hangzhou where there is apparently a beautiful lake. So I did some surfing to see where she would be and this is one of the pictures I came up with. The caption totally cracks me up.

Sunday, 26-Nov-2006 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trouble Goin' Down

WTF? GDO? MF! Snakes...on a Plane
Trouble...goin' down. this town.
What happened to your little baby?
What happened to your little girl?
She said she'd always love you.
In your heart-shaped world.

Actually the trouble goin' down has to do with a garage door opener. Specifically the garage door opener at my friend Bonnie's. She's in China for the next three weeks and in addition to keeping an eye on her house and serving her pride of lions, I also take refuge at her house. It's quiet. I can put the temperature wherever I like it. Everyone there is speaking to me as long as I make a point of understanding the various nuances of meow. I can turn the TV up as loud as I want as long as I don't disturb the cats, er neighbors.

So after watching "Invitation To A Suicide"*** this evening, the garage door opener---which acts up on occasion---decided to throw a full-blown hissy fit. Hissier even than the Dark Lord's hissiest of hissies. After 45 minutes of playing with the adjustments on it, I still did not have an operational garage door opener so I did what most women do in that situation. I disconnected it from the track, dropped it to the closed position, secured the vacation latch and unplugged the mother-f@#$^^.

I regret now having completed all my Christmas shopping for the B-ster. Obviously she needs a new garage door opener...

***Freakin' hysterical movie. Rent it. Rent it now.

~~~I think the GDO in the instructions stands for...........something unprintable~~~

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