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Tuesday, 16-Oct-2007 14:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Three Cheers for Tech Support!

Manufacturer's Troubleshooter
Of course three cheers. After all, it's what I do for a living, I just don't get to do it and travel like some others I know. Hey, been there, done that, kinda nice to know where I'm going to lay my head at night.

Anyway, sometimes even the tech support person has to call tech support. We had a laptop that was less than two months old that would not power on. Fortunately it's covered under warranty, but before I admit that none of our inhouse people can solve the problem, I must exhaust every avenue. So I went to the manufacturer's website and ran their troubleshooter for the issue.

As you can see, the problem was the laptop would not turn on. I completed all seven steps in the troubleshooter, none of them resolving the issue. I was a bit flummoxed on how to proceed at that point. If I am unable to get the unit to power on, how exactly am I supposed to Click on Start, Control Panel. Double click on Performance and Maintenance. Double click on System. At the bottom of the System Properties window, click on Support Information???

We did end up sending the unit in and the manufacturer did repair the unit. Why this happened in the first place is not clear. I will merely suggest to you that it is probably not a good idea to set your laptop down on the fluffy down comforter on top of your bed for any appreciable length of time. This could lead to overheating and overheating in a laptop, even if it's in bed, is not a good thing.

Friday, 28-Sep-2007 15:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bug! It's what's for dinner!



Sunday, 23-Sep-2007 19:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
True Before and After: The Deck

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So today I'm pairing the after pictures of the sunroom deck with the before pictures I posted the other day. Now you can see a true before and after of a simple home improvement project.

Saturday, 22-Sep-2007 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Car Morphed Into a Cartoon Character

Shrek too
So I'm driving home and the sun is in just the right spot behind my car to make the shadow that stretches in front of me look like Shrek.

Friday, 21-Sep-2007 22:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Spaghetti for dinner?

Old patch panel - where your wall jack meets the server room
New patch panel - where your wall jack meets the server room
The other two panels are patched to this mish-mash...
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No, this is not a food entry, although I did have pasta. No, this is me getting off my lazy ass and posting the post I told JP I was gonna post.

Not only can I program your phone so that it will do exactly what you want when you want, I can wire it from the phone server to your wall jack. Not exactly what I set out to learn when I took on a part time job 2 1/2 years ago, but it's a skill that may come in handy down the road. We have a mix of old, old, old hardware and new, new, new hardware and even newer, newer, newer servers. Here it is in all it's technicolor glory.

Please note, the spider is not in the server room. I just wanted a nice even set.

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