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By: Juli Eklund

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Thursday, 25-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The patch to the east
One bunch
Two daffodils
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Every year I am surprised by the daffodils. They come and go so quickly that I forget they are there beneath the surface, just waiting for the warmth of Spring to herald their arrival.

Tuesday, 16-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gruesome! Not for the weak of heart or stomach

...I caught it...
...all by myself...
I got a boo-boo
January 25, 2003 Maverick broke her leg in pursuit of a squirrel. Prior to this incident she had caught and killed a squirrel, a young raccoon and assorted voles and field mice. She spent over 7 weeks in a cast---which she broke once at two weeks---so it had to be redone from square one as she destroyed the healing that had occurred thus far. The recovery process has been slow but steady. She still limps upon awakening and when the weather is making a change for the worse. Probably always will as it was a short foot bone that broke rather than a long bone. Still, I knew she was back in fine form today when she again captured one of those naughty, power line-chewing, telephone wire-chewing tree rodents.

Funny about squirrels. They are so cute when you first see them. It's only after you've lived with them for a while that their satanic evilness becomes apparent. Still they do inspire art. A lady at my writer's retreat read a story she wrote that started with the protagonist saying Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead, after she ran over a squirrel. I even wrote a short story from a squirrel's point of view last year which you can read here if you've a mind to. A town nearby to me is famous for it's Black Squirrels and there is a town in Canada that's famous for it's White Squirrels. All I can say is I have a .22 and a squirrel dog so keep your frou-frou squirrels out of my yard if you know what's good for them.

Monday, 15-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Was commenting back and forth about the size of the cat I used in my most recent Photo Friday submission. We have three cats. Darwin, the youngest is pretty slender, my Vet says her weight is normal. She appears a little larger due to the fact that she has long hair. Her mother, Struts, is pleasantly round, yet again according to my Vet, normal in the poundage department. Papa cat Elmo however is a menace. He is huge, corpulent. I'd even go so far as to call him VAST

Saturday, 13-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Small Town Snaps

I just love the composition of this shot
Ancient grain elevator
Tree with car, people and buildings to try to show scale
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My Aunt & Uncle came to visit from California. They are circling the states so it was a short visit, just time to catch up and take the nickel tour of where I live. They left the interstate and cruised through downtown Wamego so instead of retracing their steps, I took them into Saint George, a town that at best can be described as economically challenged.

The town fathers recently created a riverside park and boat launch ramp in the hopes that having one of the few access points to the Kansas River would draw folks to the neighborhood, perhaps spend some money in town. That's all well and good, but there are basically no businesses in town at which to spend money. One of the businesses that opened in anticipation of this had a fire that caused $ 30K worth of damage to it. Funny, I didn't think ANY of the buildings in town were valued that high. Don't get me wrong, I like Saint George. It's really tiny and the houses are ancient and a few of them truly are dumps, but many show the care of people who have lived there for generations and love where they live.

As we were leaving the boat ramp area to head into Manhattan, we stopped at the old train depot and discovered a jewel I had not noticed before. The Great Bur Oak. It is huge! It's over 250 years old and you can check out the sign for stats on how tall, how big around, etc. I could not get far enough back to get the entire tree in one picture so my snaps just get bits and pieces of it. I did get my Aunt in one picture in front of the trunk so you can get some idea of the scale of the tree. When time permits I will go back and get a shot of the whole tree in one picture. Maybe if I stood in Missouri...

Wednesday, 10-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Black and White Cat

So soft and silky...
She sleeps safe on her perch
Unaware that the evil photographer is about to descend
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This is Miss Struts. She has the most beautiful markings. She is distant as all formerly feral cats are, but warming up more as time passes.

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