It Is My Job To Exist As...

...a shining beacon of hope in the heartland

By: Juli Eklund

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Thursday, 5-Apr-2007 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Oh Happy Day

In honor of the Haiku Master's birthday, I thought I would post Haiku:

I call tech support
No answer to my query
This failure shames them

*I think this entry is a day late. My calendar says his birthday is the 4th.

Now, about this picture...

Every once in a while I like to F@ck with M*i*c*r*o*s*o*f*t simply because they spend so much time F@cking with me and making what should be a relatively simple and easy-going job a virtual nightmare. Here's the full text of what I typed in the optional comment box:

This is a stupid question and I love answering stupid questions. Usually something gets marked as helpful if it answered the question a person had. If you had not answered my question, I would not have marked this as helpful. Ok, I'll be honest. Now I'm just watching the character count counting down and I am trying to use every byte available to me. When I have used them all up I will click the submit button. I still have 220, 215, 210, 205...

Sunday, 1-Apr-2007 20:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Spring in Saint George

Green, green, green!!!!
Long in the blade...
Good Samaritan
Another one for Bonnie...

Those three inches of rain we got made your lawn grow about six inches in one 24 hour period. It filled up your pond, which is good because it was gonna float if we didn't get some weight in it. Now the concern is mosquitos. If those propagate, I will bail it out.

Your Magnolia has really taken off, along with the lawn, and I thought you should know that the neighborhood beautification committee has your back...they mowed your lawn (front & back).

Saturday, 31-Mar-2007 22:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Thank you JP

Photo credit: JP Harr
I absolutely love your Malibu series. I spent a lot of time on the sand between Santa Monica & Leo Carrillo, usually around where Malibu or Topanga intersect PCH. It's all gone now (the county reclaimed the land for public use), but there was a summer in a rented house on the beach at Topanga that I will never forget. I could sure tell some stories about nights at the beach and what really goes on in the lifeguard towers when the sun goes down...and after I posted this I remembered, uh oh. Mom's gonna read this.

I've repeated one of JP's pictures here. It wasn't necessarily my favorite of his series, but the feeling it evoked was so strong. I got butterflies in my stomach the same as I would every time I rounded that one curve in the canyon road that afforded my first glimpse of the Pacific after leaving the arid valley. A feeling that the world was huge and anything was possible.

Thanks for the memories, JP.

Tuesday, 27-Mar-2007 00:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
For Bonnie...

Pear tree sans partridge
Pear tree blossom
Tulip magnolia
View all 6 photos...
...with love from the USA.

Here's what's happening on the home front while you're on the grand tour of China again.

The pear is blooming, so is the magnolia. It's raining so the lawn is greening up. The boys are content to watch the rain from the windows.

It's freakin' 70 degrees in March, do ya believe it? I'm beginning to think there's no such thing as normal weather in Kansas...

Miss ya! Check in soon!

P.S. There were Thin Mints in the freezer? I didn't see any cookies in the freezer...

Friday, 2-Mar-2007 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Are you talkin' to me?

@ the bike rack
Little guy, big mouth
Gettin' kind warm out...
This little pip squeak picked a fight with me today. I told the pint size combatant to meet me at the bike rack at 3:00. Due to his size, he headed out there early to give himself plenty of time to make the journey. I don't think he's going to last until 3:00...

Confidential to Ms. Stripes: Where ARE you?

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